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This would honestly be the one time where muffins would not be the thing I'd want most.

Hey girl(s). This is one modest attempt to reach a crowd not quite satisfied by the Ryan-Gosling-hey-girl-meme-phenomenon. a la David Tennant.

uskikquvakyjbig.jpg (1024×589)

Ninth Doctor, female version - Doctor Who, with my partner as a gender-reversed Rose (done)

[ #doctorwho #tenthdoctor #marthajones #davidtennant #freemaagyeman ]

[ #doctorwho #tenthdoctor #marthajones #davidtennant #freemaagyeman ]

Love it!

My latest celebrity crush. and I haven't even had a celebrity crush in years. he's just THAT AWESOME.

David Tennant with what could be a pomegranate martini--my uterus just skipped a beat.

The Tenth Doctor- absolutely my favorite of all the doctors. unfortunately, he said this A LOT. and to many, many people. and it usually meant they were getting erased from time or they were going to explode.

when you're in a new place and are kind of impressed with it. I love this gif

This gif perfectly described my look when security announced code yellow.

Doctor Who "Trust Me, I'm The Doctor" Shirt with David Tennant on it b/c, lets face it as awesome as Matt Smith is, David is Legen.


From the Timelord's archive. The Anniversary of the Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.