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Th awkward moment when everyone is talking about their  skills and talents and you are like: I can breathe.

Skills and talents

That awkward moment when everyone is talking about their skills and talents and you are like: I can breathe. but then it's more awkward because you have the ability to choke on absolutely nothing so you kinda can barely even breathe.

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funny quote can we have a moment of silence for all of those good hair days when nobody saw us

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I have literally no idea where to start most days. I'm much better now than I used to be but I still fail more often than not. What is suitable? What is appropriate ?

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shy people problems, this sums me up

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the only good thing about school is seeing your friends and being able to get new books! (and sometimes free wi-fi!did you just>>>but there is a happy face in :F :O :O :D.

probably one of the most annoying things ever.

Regina is reluctant to speak in general, and this is one very good reason. She chooses to speak when she feels the situation is important. For people to later act as if she hasn't spoken is very frustrating for her.

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This shoulnt be titled shy people problems, it should be; people who talk so fast that they stumble over their words like people stumble when they have big feet.

grade 10 gym.

on wednesdays i have 4 classes with the same person and one day they weren't in and i had no one to talk to. it was horrible.


Yeah the Disney channel now is horrible it's a total disgrace to Walt's name. Almost ever time I watch Disney I see lying. I thought this was for kids.

Shy People Problems

They also expect us to have no trouble doing things that actually make us panic and die inside.

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When your shy people think your not as awesome as you really are and it sucks! Or sometimes that people just think your useless and I HATE it when that happens and I just want to slap the person.