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If all the cats in the world meowed at the same time ... | Two types of people.


Lol one person does all the math and the other makes a pun. The two types of people (I would be the one to make the pun)

Just take a second and forget about the mess.

19 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Smile Despite All The Bullshit Of The World

Then if I have a banana with a pumpkin donut did I just have a berry salad?

Part 106 (guess what band i still miss) - Imgur

Part 106 (guess what band i still miss)

Guys do things a little differently...

Guys are do things a little differently…

I tried to scroll past and not pin..... Apparently not possible

I tried to scroll past and not pin. Apparently not possible//Troll Level: Terezi.

Honestly the first thing I think when I hear "fuck the police" anymore is have intercourse with the cop

this is real controversial and I don't really think the police are racist but those last two comments got me

Fun fact: about a teaspoon of honey is the lifetime work of about 12 bees.