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Where are the harps

I wrote a song

We weren't that close.

This is a very sad but funny joke.


Funny Memes - [Can't Belive I'll Be Turning]

17 Hilarious Comics for People with a Dark Sense of Humour | Blaze Press

17 Hilarious Comics for People with a Dark Sense of Humour

Have some Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal for Valentine's Day… ;

The whole bit is made all the funnier by knowing that all of the guards were just random extras who weren’t told what was going to happen, only that they weren’t allowed to laugh at any cost as they wouldn’t be paid if they did.

Monty Pythons, Life of Brian Brilliant movie

Hero of Crime 2

Hero of Crime 2

How certain substances affected the aging process of these celebs

How certain substances affect the aging process - I think I'll stick with Earl Grey Tea and Money!

Amazing. @MrLovenstein

Rhett & Link on

Every time I wave for help, I make it worse!

Forgive the one bad word in here, but this is hysterical!

I always thought there was a monster in my closet!

GIL - 1/2/12

GIL - 1/2/12

Mr. Lovenstein | Women.

Can't live with em, can't live with venom.


Tastefully Offensive: Pen [i laughed waaaaay longer than this really deserved. i just really love the word bamboozled!


Really funny cartoon joke! For more hilarious jokes with pics visit www.

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Funny pictures about Clot Block. Oh, and cool pics about Clot Block. Also, Clot Block photos.