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The 8 human souls of Undertale ❤️Determination❤️ 💛Justice💛 💚Kindness💚 💙Integrity💙 💜Perseverance💜 ❤️💛Bravery💛❤️ 💙💖Patience💖💙

Frisk really cares about Sans. Sometimes, you just need to give someone a little encouragement if they feel down.

Sans trust me a lot of people care about you artworks of Undertale ©Undertale ©Toby Fox

undertale, frisk, sans, gaster WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE LIKING THIS PICTURE?!:<<< idk it looked cool

M'nawwwww~ I like the idea of Gaster having a creepier look to him, but still being a giant ball of shmoop.

Undertale - Bedtime Stories ||| Papyrus, Gaster, and Sans ||| Undertale Fan Art by octone-berri on DeviantArt

Undertale - Bedtime Stories by octone-berri on DeviantArt