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*makes weird squealing noises of happiness* I love that when I type in the words "Hetalia" and "yaoi" not only some pictures that cause rapid blood loss appear, but precious things like this come up as well *hugs pillow and cries*

12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander (DeviantART) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander (DeviantART) Soooo did England get…

Dear Diary-PruCan by HetaliaHeart.deviantart.com on @deviantART<------------so cute. so perfect...*faints*

PruCan is my OTP with Canada and Prussia, although CanIta and PruHun are nice

PruCan... just because you can...

Well actually~ the only true thing here is the 'not appearing on screen together' because Canada and Prussia do actually have a history together. I'm not sure what happened, but I DO know that there IS a place in Canada called New Prussia.

This is to cute!

Hetalia: Canada Day by ~Alecca (dev.art) Des-Chan ~ I to see canada smile

I don't really ship them but it's to funny not to repin!

I'll just except PruCan. I'm more of a PruHun but whateves