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Miikka!!! :D

Miikka!!! :D

lol where can I find this for Wishbone?

You might want to give fur baby a snack before he gets angry!

He never calls me bro :c. HE SAID MY STORY WAS COOL. i think my dog said cool story bro to me one time when we smoked salvia.it was trippy (yes i talk to my dog about ) cool story bro Pug vaginaswithhats

Super Pug!

It's a snorting Roomba Faster than a speeding turtle, able to leap on laps (when caught) in a single bound; it's a boar, it's a snorting Roomba - NO - It's SUPER PUG!

Good Morning ~``

Stops to smell the flowers *sniff sniff* *pug sneeze*

Quand on dit que vous êtes le sosie de Machine.

Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #280

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Adorable pug puppies come in all shapes and sizes. These cute baby pug pictures are sure to turn any ones frown upside down.