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One of the mesmerising seismographs running at the Hawaii Volcano National Park research centre. But we did see this small tremor recorded while we watched.

Great way to combine entertainment and art. Could give guests disposable overalls and incorporate this into a contemporary themed exhibition. Source: http://whoshotyouanthonyalden.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/blue-man-group-paint-drumming.html

Blue Man Group performs a wildly popular theatrical show and concert which combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics with audience participation!

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp (*Amazon Partner-Link)

The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp turns nearly any empty bottle into a table lamp. Rather than throw away empty bottles, simply place the lamp into the opening of a bottle, plug the lamp into a USB port, and touch the silver top of the lamp.

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All quiet.

All quiet.

Less quiet.

National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

October 30, 2007. Another one I remember all too clearly.

October Another one I remember all too clearly.

In Berkeley.

In Berkeley.

many utah minerals

Banded Azurite & Malachite Slice Part of an Azurite and Malachite stalactite sawn and polished on both sides to highlight the concentric internal growth patterns. This combination is often called Azure-Malachite.