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Butt Buster: Squat With Side Leg Lift. Adding a leg raise to this squat variation challenges your balance while toning your glutes. Working on one leg forces your core to work, and the side kick tones the saddlebag area.

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Reason to Be Fit: to prove to your friends weight training isn't JUST for men.

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I'm sure everyone has this.....right???

Hidden from the hubby of course or he'd throw them out. This is besides the "official" IKEA household plastic bag holder for the grocery bags in the laundry room.

DON'T YOU DARE EXPLAIN IT OR SO HELP ME I WILL SLAP YOU《 Okay dude, calm down. Man, Spongebob is a riot. The episodes pre-2006 are the best.

Help, someone please explain

so you remember the spongebob episode when patrick would be like 'hey spongebob how the ((dolphin noise)) are you?" thats what those dolphins represent lol

Athletes or not, here are the top 3 Olympic bodies that I would rather not have. The Hammer Throw. The Weightlifter.