Tom Hiddleston ~ World's Sweetest Man. I'll throw Mark Ruffalo's name into the ring as well - apparently he's such a sweetheart to people in reality too. Also, fun fact: Tom Hiddleston is wearing his Loki scarf from Thor 1 that Marvel mailed to him.

Stressed out? Stare into my eyes and count to ten.

Tom Hiddleston: Hello Darling - Feeling Stressed out? Stare into my eyes and count to ten.>>>> Thank you for the offer, Tom, but i am stressed out because you are so perfect

Love him.

"Loki by Loki" by Tom Hiddleston :D . If Happy Hiddles doesn't make you happy, then you are beyond the help of mortal men >>> I just want to protect this man and huggle him and keep him safe from corruption. In the least creepy way, of course.

MR. HIDDLESTON don't say that's unfortunate!! I wish I could dance like that in public places just randomly!

"Unfortunately I just have a tendency to dance in public spaces with absolutely no respect to the humiliating effect on my person." Gotta love the phrasing.


Funny pictures about Tom Hiddleston The Villain. Oh, and cool pics about Tom Hiddleston The Villain. Also, Tom Hiddleston The Villain photos.

my best friend was the one who showed me this face......its been down hill ever since!

I'll be honest, I watched the Marvel movies out of order. I watched The Avengers before I watched Thor. I didn't understand Loki and seriously wanted him to go away. But then I watched Thor, and well.

Tom Hiddleston ROFL!!! It's between him and Benedict, and Tom Mison and Joseph Morgan...yes all Brits..why???

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston thinks about me! so does matt smith, leonard nimoy,david tennant, Zachary quinto and Benedict cumberbatch.

Tom HiddLeston

It’s Always About The Evil Brother

Who are these people watching it for Loki? Thor or Loki? And they choose Loki?

You know your cheekbones are impressive when Lego draws lines to accent them.

You know your cheekbones are impressive when Lego draws lines to accentuate them.<<<Also, have you seen the Lego Legolas?