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orange--can't decide which is cuter: the white kitten or the orange chair.

4 λεπτά με αστείες στιγμές που μόνο οι γάτες μπορούν να προσφέρουν!

What's a purrito? A purrito is a type of rare lolcat, usually seen only in funny cat pictures, but if you're lucky, you may have one right in your own home.


Is this real? It’s not real. It’s real. It’s not real. It’s real. No chance. Wait, IS THIS REAL? Give it to me straight….is this really a thing on this planet?

Fotoğraf - Google Fotoğraflar

They can't see me I'm a bag. I am one with the bag. I am the bag.with a tail!


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6 things you didn't know you knew about chronic pain

6 Things about Chronic Pain You Didn’t Know You Knew

Dangerous To Go Alone: Page from Funny Pictures Another great funny picture called Dangerous To Go Alone from lolpix.

Cats have human-like emotions.  A cat's grey matter shares some remarkable similarities to a human brain. Although experts disagree on the depth and range, all confirm that kitties feel emotions not that dissimilar from people. Happiness, excitability, playfulness, depression and anger. Any cat lover will agree -- they've witnessed all that and more.

The cutest hipster is a furry hipster! Check out these hip animals, esp love - Hipster Animals

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those aren't spirit fingers.THESES are spirit fingers -the worlds best cheer-leading movie bring it on


Liquid takes shape of a bowl.Cat takes shape of a bowl.Therefore Cat is a Liquid :P hahahah ^^

"I read your journal. You are messed up." What people would say about me!

I Read Your Journal You are messed up. A kitten with a crazy look on its face.