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I'm soorryyyy! raerae3440

When you accidentally hurt your pet and you're like, "OHMYGOSH, I'm so sorry!" and they walk away so you run after them like, "LET ME LOVE YOU!" Yep, I do this all the time.

This is totally me! I have a "phone voice" and my normal voice which was recently described as "raspy lounge singer" which translates into "man"

My voice is so girly when I talk to strangers, but when i'm with my friends I turn into Morgan Freeman.

Or my dog starts barking at what I can't see!

Or rather, this is very much like my aunt's cats, and they freak me out every time! I keep wondering if cats can see ghosts or something.

How funny would that be... Kinda like when I wave to strangers like I know them. :) They are so confused.

Funny things to do in an elevator.don't know that I could ever do this but it's funny

Cuddling is when you hold your pet hostage and think they enjoy it.

Happiness is. Cuddling your pet. You just realized. Cuddling is when you hold your pet hostage and think enjoy it. haha yeah I can see that.

That awkward moment when you spell a common word correctly....

Funny pictures about When you spell a common word correctly. Oh, and cool pics about When you spell a common word correctly. Also, When you spell a common word correctly.


Mini heart attack every time

{ crystal clear }

i work in pjs. exercise in pjs, hang out in pjs. LIVE in pjs.

Pretty much

Pretty much

Haha...I know that look!

true fact right Book ;

Me halfway through shaving my legs: "I don't want to do this anymore"

One thing I love about shaving is feeling the part of my leg with hair and then the part that has already been shaved cause its fun to feel the difference.

No like seriously. It doesn't exist. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey created a classic, a CLASSIC! and THAT, my friends, in modern society, is a commendable act.

The limit does not exist. The limit does not EXIST!

haha unfortunately, this is true...

This is so true! I look at stuff I wish I had for my wedding and def. stuff I can't afford for a house but a girl can dream!

ALL the time.

lolsotrue do this allll the time!

Good side effects

The "good side effects" are what the drug actually does. I'm a nurse. Also, I have seen side effects like "may cause breast enlargement" or "weight loss"

another one for you Tricia! the look on your face trying to get our movie tix = priceless! :)

ALL THE TIME. this is so true! i hate people but i dont want to be stuck at home