The Skeptical World Kid meme, also known as the Skeptical Third World Baby shows that even charity shouldn't be taken blindly. This photo meme features a pictur.

If you quit school...

if you quit school just remember these 2 things 1 you tried your best 2 i dont like pickles on my big mac.

HA ;)

So true, but they are so worth it! So true, but they are so worth it!

Hypoghetticals -- Truth Hurts..

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That's taking the highway! Then you won't need a blue box time machine(Myin's talk)

fucking old people drivers, one almost killed us the other day, went straight through a stop sign, no attempt at stopping. If they can't read the signs, they shouldn't be allowed to drive.

true by Karen147

I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted pay checks.

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Making money pinning!!!

This is so funny! I love Mormon "Hey Girls" from Ryan Gosling!) thanks Ryan right back at you.

dudes be like meme - Google Search

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didn't happen to me this winter break...luckily

You don't want break when your teacher is like this.

Unhelpful High School Teacher Meme - Lectures class about wasting time. For the whole period.

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thats some confidence!!!

Can't deny the facts.

This would be meeeeee

Funny pictures about Seriously. am I? Oh, and cool pics about Seriously. am I? Also, Seriously. am I?

Hahaha yup! That's for both my novel writing AND personal writing. It's worse when I wrote it under pressure or when stressed/wasn't thinking clearly/very emotional etc; it's cringe-worthy.

Kermit the Frog

My favorite thing about kermit the frog is that sometimes he makes this face. My fave Kermit face

What happens when your TP/Parli partner turns to LD.

One of my close friends dropped this one - meme, close, friends, dropped.