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This gave me goosebumps! It kinda also broke me heart but warmed it at the same time , best thing ever ~Robynphilene♡😍

I still believe in the but the worst part is... that it's already happening

Noooooooo they will be back they promised I believe them but Harry Styles single Louis' mum birthday was today :( and he performed at ultra and Zayn left on March Niall Horan is so chill this is too intense

Always, I'm listening to WMYB and just remembering and thinking and man I can't stop crying.

This literally gave me the chills reading it. Once a Directioner, always a Directioner! So sad never want this to happen!

Harry is the best person in the whole world and if you can't see that because of the fact that he is famous then shame on you because Harry is much more than just being famous! @givememyname000

This is so true. This is also why I love him! He's amazing! And such an amazing role model! Love you Hazza!


so funny ;wow harrys not to bright on this board jk jk jk dont hurt me! directioners im one too lml

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Read this listening to Story of my Life.I'm kinda crying now. Listening to story of my life just makes me cry.

This is what happens when Harry and Louis try to set someone up.

This is what happens when Harry and Louis try to set someone up.<<ash tho "when will this end" lol

Robbed Me ;P

I've never seen a one direction parody before. This is so true and hilarious


All of this, in 3 years. I love these 5 boys with all my heart. I won't cry the day one of them gets married. I will smile, because they will be happy. And when the boys are happy, So am I.

PLEASE REPIN...THIS IS NOT OK>> #UncleSimonHelpUs ok I know this isnt 5sos but they r really close and NIall and Louis are kinda the reasons for 5sos becoming as big as they are now! we need to help are boys! repin!

Uhm, no tis isn't true Yes the management sucks but Simon is the actual problem here guys, he's the head of the management, just putting it in here ;

Share Strax because he's awesome!

Write your country, Russia>Australia>England> Merica FUCK YEAH <America<America as well. I am so sorry my fellow Americans are weird. Don't you mean freedom flavored?

Yeah, so Nialls like perfect...

Niall does not smoke, Niall has no tattoos, Niall has no drama, Niall is a good…

But this is actually so true

The accuracy though.>>this is me when one I hear one of the bands I listen to on the tv. Why does it say "one direction" at the bottom?