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Queen Elizabeth ll in world war 2 - WTF fun facts

wtf-fun-factss: “Queen Elizabeth ll in world war 2 - WTF fun facts ”

Ugh, tell me about it...

Target faux pas- even worse when you wear khaki pants or shorts to complete the outfit.

Justine Irene

A corgi leading a conga line of pugs on an adventure. Gandalf no.



The students and faculty of Hoban High School come together to show you how amazing and unified we can be. So proud to be a knight. Thank you to all who helped with this!    Songs:    What I Like About You - The Romantics  Beauty And A Beat - Justin Bieber  Magic - B.o.B

My high school alma mater Archbishop Hoban High School's 2013 Lip Dub (Akron, Ohio) music video.

Funny pictures about When I travel somewhere. Oh, and cool pics about When I travel somewhere. Also, When I travel somewhere.

Take notes mainstream media: this is what we wanna hear about, not the half-made up garbage you (think) feed us all the time!

Worth the long pin. We need more men with hero's hearts, and less boys with "swag". Never leave a man behind. What a hero and great soldier! Thank you sir and God bless

HA!!! = D

❥ I'm not a morning person and turns out I am not an afternoon person, either lol Can you say night owl?

Well if this isn't us, I don't know what is. hahaha @brivu

Friend - Your the best person to hang out with because if I ask a ridiculous question… you ask to be given more details about the scenario, and that shows me that you're taking the question seriously and I appreciate that.


You have to remember, fear is not real. It is a product of the thoughts you create. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice. (movie quote: After Earth w/Will Smith)