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An epic battle is about to commence. Money on the squirrel johngreen nerdfighter vlogbrothers hahaha


These two have their priorities right

Martin freeman and John Green would be great friends…two of my favorite people


*SPOILER ALERT* That Moment On Sherlock When Everyone Watching Just STOPPED LIVING For 10 Seconds…I mean I don't ship Sherlolly.well, at least not as much as I ship Johnlock, but I legitimately stopped living for like a minute.

John Green, everyone...He has even figured out cats.

Shower Thoughts on

[GIF] ...and this is one of the many reasons why I love Martin

and this is one of the many reasons why I love Martin! - it's funny.he has to do an American accent in Fargo.

The door

John Green, the man with a New York Best Times seller has sharpie face. Farme / Anne-Marie Berger THIS is the guy who's gonna make you cry your face off :D