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Results of the Europan 12 Architecture Competition

collage siteplan Ganador Kaufbeuren: Fasten Your Seat belt! by Ana Quintana Zazurca, Sergio Romero Moreno, Giorgia Sgarbossa y Elisenda Surbes Soriano

Shunde City: Master Plan | OMA Location: Shunde City, Guangdong, China:

Good architecture and urban planning from conception to actualization allows for a greater probability that the multitude of complex systems woven into the operation and behaviors of a city functions ideally.

homeless, campaign

Campagne d’affiches et sans-abris.

Placement of poster adds even more meaning by replacing where a human would usually be. The bold text draws attention and encourages the passerby to reflect how they'd normally act if it were a person

Terunobu Fujimori & Nobumichi Ohshima - Roof detail of the Nira House (Leek house)

Green roof: Fujimori Terunobu & Nobumichi Ohshima - Roof detail of the Nira House (Leek house), (let's hope it's the "Leek" house and not the "leak" house!) by debora

3rd Year Wakefield N

Year Wakefield New Zealand Landscape Project. New Forest Park. I picked the Northern most area of the site dealing with the river and trying to create more Urban like walkways along the river to improve circulation and connections whilst creating publ

Thessaloniki public square redesign proposal Design: G.Zoupas, A.Avlonitis, P.Krimitsas, R.Haldezou, I.Kontopoulou 2012

C I like this one a lot too Good balance between hardscape and greenscape Thessaloniki public square redesign proposal Design: G.