This thought provoking quote by Bram Stoker summarizes the mood of the season of lights. ignite the light in you with a refreshing & energizing cup of Peeo G Chai !


ALEX What I love: _Photography _Canon _Cars _Apple _Science _Green _Politics Not specifically in that order.


If a camera lense is round, then why are photos square?

0shares Facebook0 Twitter0 Pinterest0 StumbleUpon0 Tumblr Now that you have resolved that you are going to be part of the wonderful world of photography by taking great pictures, here is a guide to get you going. You have acquired a camera, decided upon what you what pictures you want to click and are all set to start, but you find that the results are not what you hoped they would be. We understand that you are a newcomer and newcomers do commit some errors. But expert or beginner, there…

10 Dos And Don’ts For Quality Photography

I love working with this awesome company

I love working with this awesome company

perfect composition  --- 興趣圖譜 Hobby Couple

Cup of tea, a very favorite thing! Hot Mint tea and honey!) in the morning with my bible In the dark and at night to wind down, think about my day, and pray!

Learn how to turn your Intsagram photos into a work of art - Top 10 Photo Apps

Learn how to turn your Intsagram photos into a work of art - Top 10 Photo Apps" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN | Perfektne načasované fotografie | Hudba, Moda, Lifestyle

This image is so creative using the flower as a tutu. I like how the colors in this image are very warm and there is a little bit of orange in the flower. It helps the image how the flower is in focus but everything else is blurry.

Pick me up and make me shine

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture.

Don't fly away just yet..

Instead of hiring an expensive photographer for your childs first birthday pictures, check out these cute photo ideas for a birthday on a budget. Cheap baby girl first birthday picture Ideas

Another inspirational 30-day challenge for Ambassadors earning their Photographer badge. (Spending a month taking photos of things they're grateful for could also spark some ideas for a Take Action project related to the Bliss program...)

30 day gratitude photo challenge: Gratitude Positively Present is an AWESOME site if you're not familiar with it yet. But I sometimes feel like photo challenges can cause us to get too become too perfectionistic, which makes gratitude super hard!