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Omg is this a Harlequin Liver?...Hard to tell because the nose is dark while the eyes appear to be amber...hmmm interesting.  I love Great Danes!

Fawnequin Grate Dane i think i found my new favorite color.damn thats beautiful!

Darling Dahlia

Little ceasar dog. West Highland white terrier (Westie) Love, love, love this kind of dog!

Tibetan terrier

King Cavalier Poodle Mix - Reminds me of a stuffed animal I had as a kid! Side note: Please do not breed dogs to be like this. There is no guarantee a mix will look like this, be hypo-allergenic or not shed. Breeding is very complicated and expensive.

Poor guy just wanted to play in the snow.  Bless his heart.

He just wanted to play in the snow! So funny this happens to long haired dogs! thought they were marshmallows!