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Coil-over suspensions for inline skates. People do all kinds of cool stuff with springs.

so down to try these' Mercury Skate - rollerblades designed with an anti-shock system for a smoother ride on the pavement and to decrease skater fatigue. Improved ability to accelerate faster and gain higher speed. Line skates

24k Gold Foil Plating Playing Cards with Certificate And Box

Crazy...Shoes holding you back? Barefoot Running 'Stickers' - Now that's hardcore. You go Nike.

Shoes holding you back? Barefoot Running 'Stickers' - Now that's hardcore. You go Nike. my stupid tennys are too heavy and bulky for my feet. Plus Dixon women hate to wear shoes.

Really a brilliant concept of #wearable cell phone for #future that can be much smart than current one's

Super sexy concept cell phone this is fucking awesome, why isn't this a thing yet!

amazing bicycle design: 1. slick. 2. foldable. 3. no chain!

Funny pictures about The coolest folding bicycle. Oh, and cool pics about The coolest folding bicycle. Also, The coolest folding bicycle photos.

Kitchen Gadgets.

How to Save Money on Gadgets

People are always looking for better ways to do things, and here are 7 gadgets / accessories that aim to help out.----I think I'll pass on the door lock though

Enjoy the best #lingeriemodels

Enjoy the best #lingeriemodels

Boombox shoes

25 Outrageous Shoes That Are Sure To Turn Heads

Musical Shoes - The Gangster CD Stereo Sneaker is a sneaky way to play your favorite tracks. Resembling the looks of a shoe, the stereo sneaker can intake CDs and .

“Muwi” sizes the yard and automatically cuts the grass. The cut grass is stored inside. As the cut grass begins to accumulate inside the machine, “Muwi” constructs and compresses the cut grass into two types of blocks... discs or balls... play time!

Muwi Innovative Lawn Mower 2 designed in South Korea. Muwi icalculates the size of the lawn and automatically cuts the grass. As the grass cuttings accumulate inside the machine, Muwi constructs and compresses them into cylindrical blocks.

Мужская мода

Funny pictures about Blackberry Empathy. Oh, and cool pics about Blackberry Empathy. Also, Blackberry Empathy photos.

Por que colocar uma prótese igual ao membro perdido, se você pode ter uma muito mais legal? Prótese impressa em 3D em forma de tentáculo.

10 Coolest Prosthetic Limbs - prosthetic, prosthetic limbs