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Monkey Baby Boom Hits Scottish Zoo - A baby snow monkey recently born at Highland Wildlife Park.

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The Little Hermitage

Just a Cute Little Panda…

Possibly - cutest thing you've ever seen. This is my soft sculpture baby panda. You can see more of my work at Possibly - cutest thing you've ever seen Baby panda This is my soft sculpture baby You can see more of work at

Please, sir, I want some more

Is this the world's cutest baby monkey? Tiny grey langur shows his beautiful blue eyes during stunning close-up

Baby Panda

awwww look at this baby panda bear! ^-^ my favorite animal! comment yours :)

My boss 'The funny little Old Man'  TeeHee!

This is Loango, a crown male Mangabey monkey, who was rejected by his mother shortly after birth. The baby was born in March 2012 at the Jardin des Plantes's zoo in Paris. He's being hand raised by zookeepers.

funny, Orangutan baby

Orangutan baby's bad hair day, reminds me of me when I wake up in the morning!

Just the cutest little guy ever....full grown

OOAK * BABY MONKEY *Fairy* Marmoset That awkward moment when your boobs look like some chick's face. Ellen's Bad Paid-For Summer Inspiration.