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Chocolate chips- witch's warts Marshmallows- ghost poop Cereal crunch- monster scabs Candy corn- jack'o lantern teeth

Halloween Fun Party Ideas Witches Warts- Chocolate Chips Ghost Poop- Mini Marshmallows Monster Scabs- Graham Crackers Jack o Lantern Teeth- Candy Corn

Marietta Dry Ice | Atlanta's Dry Ice Supplier

Marietta Dry Ice | Atlanta's Dry Ice Supplier

How to make ghost photos - a tutorial from the talented team at @handmademood

How to make Family Ghost Photos for Halloween--Meg, I might need you to do a photo shop lesson for me:)

Jamaican Rum Punch- specialty cocktail- minus the umbrella and fruit lol

Rum Punch

Jamaican Rum Punch (minus the umbrella and fruit lol) - 3 C Orange Juice 3 C Pineapple Juice 3 C ginger ale 3 C rum grenadine juice of 1 lime

The Ultimate List of Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The Ultimate List of Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Great idea for the Bathroom! 13 Steps to throwing a wicKED Halloween Party - HauntForum ( or to scare your husband!

This punch is so delicious. I like it because it brings an adult Halloween party to life. It truly sets the mood for a fun-filled night.

Delicious Witches Brew (Adult Version)

Witches Brew (root-beer floats from a “steaming” cauldron). Root Beer Extract, Sugar, Dry Ice (from grocery) Large Cauldron Metal Bowl (fits inside cauldron). NOTES: Dry ice can cause glass bowls to break. Never touch dry ice with bare hands.

Instead of eyes cut fairy shapes by taping a small picture on the roll, stuffing it with a cucumber and cutting shape with a knife.

That's just devilishly genius.

spooky eyes for halloween. toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes with eyes cut out, and a light stick placed inside.

What liquids glow under black light? | Reference.com

What liquids glow under black light?

There are many different types of objects, liquids and substances that glow when exposed to black light. Generally, these liquids have molecules with rigid structures and delocalized electrons.

How to Make Faux Leather Books with paint and a paper towel via- Better After

Aged "leather" spell & potion books for Halloween ~ all you need are old books, paint, paper towels, glue gun, Mod Podge and dollar store Halloween toys ~ easy instructions.

Absolutely Love This!  Steampunk Octopus Inspired By The Nautical Emblem Found On All Captains' Hats, Sometimes In Blue And Gold, Sometimes In Black ~ SUPERB!

octopus corset (i would love to see Disney's little mermaid remade in the style of steampunk, this would be perfect for ursula!

Crock Pot Cranberry Cider Ingredients: 8    cups    cranberry juice  4    cups    apple cider  1    cup    cranberries ( fresh )   2    tablespoons    brown sugar, packed  4    cinnamon sticks ( plus more for garnish )   1    tablespoon    whole cloves ( tied in a cheesecloth to contain them )   1    ounce    rum ( light or dark, per mug )

Crock Pot Cranberry Cider

Kids liked the cranberries floating in their cider that they could drink. The pineapple added a nice sweetness and cut the taste of the cranberries. Crock Pot Cranberry Cider - Tastes Great + It will make your house smell AMAZING!