Tutustu kiinnostaviin ideoihin!

Huhhaa, tohtori! (1978)
The Great Deli Debate: Best Jewish Delis in America  When I wrote the post about Conde Nast Traveler’s top rated zoos, a few friends were surprised because all I seem to talk about is food and coffee! And that’s true, especially since I returned from my last trip to New York City. I talk a lot about Jewish delis. Have you seen the movie Deli Man? I’ve seen it three times. It came out in 2015. It’s funny, it’s poignant, it’s 160 years of history and deli tradit
I think this is a really sweet scene between Harry and Hermione. They have such a great brother/sister-like relationship.
Momma said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get
I know wat all 4 are about but iv only wached harry potter <--- Percy is my fav (hp is also amazing though) but i feel like Percy is truly underrated, i mean c'mon he defeted the king of the titans, kronos, mother of gigant, gaia and waaaaay more other things than just this
Underappreciated (or overlooked) animated movies
"Moulin Rouge!" (2001, Baz Luhrmann)
Meh...fantastic practical effects but I've never cared for the evil dead...and the remake was all right if I being honest. Just my opinion though :).
excuse me, comrades, I'm with long boring stuff again. This time about the miraculous resurrection of Loki in TDW. I hope I don't bother too much