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Captain Jack Harkness: one of the best characters to represent the POV of the viewer.

The Wrong Hands. I actually laughed my head off when I was watching this XD

Translation: In the wrong hands, that TV show could wipe out all normal people on the planet. The wrong hands! --the creators of Doctor Who

Mmm... yeah it is 11 it really is.

What do you mean 'it doesn't do wood?' The sonic needs a wood setting lol

True :(

For a fan of a show about time travel, I have really bad timing. This is ridiculously true, except that I'm still not over 9 and Rose or I also miss the ponds and river :,( what is a girl to do?

Whovian Confessions

I’m not ready to start thinking about a Doctor… I’m still getting over the loss of the I’m not ready to say goodbye to the

Everyone talks about Clara's "smaller on the outside" thing, but Wilf and Rory both skipped the shock and awe reaction entirely, which was also cool.

Hipster Clara thinks "bigger on the inside" is too mainstream.

Just Another Reason I Love Doctor Who: I love how excited the actors themselves get, and they really geek out about it, instead of that fake "oh I'm so excited I can't wait" that other actors give

John Barrowman demonstrating one of my favorite things about Doctor Who: the fandom. So many of the actors that have been on the show are fans, born raised.