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lego star wars: 3 of my favorite things together: legos, Darth Vadar and Guinness!

Darth Vader on Splash Mountain

The fun side of the Dark Side. This is why I joined the dark side.

Star Wars

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Star Wars marvel characters

Similarities between the Avengers and Star Wars characters! Nick Fury/Mace Windu made me laugh.

As some people once said... http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy

I just hit someone!

Star Wars Darth #Vader Desk Lamp. #starwars #fanart. For Little j

Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp

Turn down the lights, cue up the Imperial March music and enjoy this Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp. Let Vader watch over your desk and shed some light into the world for once. This lamp oozes Sith style with it's super-deforme

Out on a mission by Kalexanderson I have noticed other star wars figures used in humor. I love the teddy bear in this one. a giggle for sure.

This would have been acceptable! LEGO Star Wars Nativity - complete with 3 Wise Bounty Hunters! I must own these! http://www.babypron.com/baby-store

Star Wars nativity in LEGO

LEGO Star Wars Nativity - complete with 3 Wise Bounty Hunters! My Star Wars Christmas would be complete.

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 64 Pics Star Wars Luke Leia. I doubt if this is true, but I hope so!

Why do I picture my kids having lightsaber battles INSTEAD of brushing their teeth...either way...totally AWESOME!!!

Star Wars Toothbrushes

This could make a kid want to brush.it makes ME want to brush. They even have a timed light that blinks for 60 seconds to let kids know how long to brush their teeth.

We have found the rebel bass...

Oh no, the Empire has located the hidden Rebel Base (Bass, that is! quick, fire up the star-drive, we must flee to fight our Star Wars another day!

Darth Father

Darth Father