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Fascinated by the idea of staying in a tree house or hotel? Want some design inspiration for your own treehouse to live in? Enjoy our pix!

Red River Gorge , "The Sylvan Float" Tree House Rental - The Canopy Crew

25 Amazing And Affordable Treehouses You’ll Want To Rent For Your Next Vacay Red River Gorge , The Sylvan Float Tree House Rental - The Canopy Crew

Life in the Trees: Man Links Three Cool Treehouses in the Forest

Life in the Trees: Man Links Three Cool Treehouses in the Forest

Architect Peter Bahouth built a series of houses in the trees in his backyard in Atlanta, connected by wooden bridges.

Treehouse, Crystal River, Colorado photo via lori

Treehouse, Crystal River, Colorado photo via lori (Blue Pueblo)

Reminds me of the Swiss family Robinson house!!

Treehouse in China by David Greenberg. David Greenberg is an artist and treehouse designer. This is one of the tree houses he designed in China

I must have a thing for tree-houses... bradfordwatson

adailyriot: “ velvetcocoon: “ -xerces: “ It’s like the Weasley’s house. ” ” Except for it’s on the water, which makes it even better than the burrow (which I didn’t think was possible.) I want to live.

I am reminded of Rabbit's home in the 100 Acre Woods.

Banyan Tree and Century Terracotta Temple, Attpur, West Bengal, India a door to an unknown place

DIY dream treehouse in the wilds of Canada.

The HemLoft Treehouse (Whistler, Canada) After retiring at the age of software developer Joel Allen became a carpenter and fulfilled his dream of “building something cool”. Kind of an understatement

Abandoned Victorian Treehouse, South East Florida, USA | Bored Panda

Abandoned Victorian Tree House is an Abandoned Place in Brooksville. Plan your road trip to Abandoned Victorian Tree House in FL with Roadtrippers.

Bohemian Home.

I would live here. I love creepy houses that look creepy in the middle of creepy forests.

Amazing Snaps: Beautiful Tree House                                                                                                                                                     More

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One of the most unique features is their Treehouse Observatory in a nearby Fir tree – accessible via a Rainbow Bridge.

This Treehouse In Washington Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience