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Christmas trees on cars are one of my most favorite things. A decorated, lit tree sticking out if a cute car takes the cake!

There’s no place like being home for the holidays. Use this winter inspiration to get excited for this year’s festivities.

10 Holiday Photos to Get You Feeling All Sorts of Festive

driving home for Christmas in a veteran car ( this one is by Volvo) to your traditional farm in Winter wonderland, preferably Scandinavia.

1941 Ford

bringing home the tree! Caption: Man driving a vintage 1941 Ford pickup with a Christmas wreath on the grill and a tree in the back during Winter in Southcentral, Alaska.


The Wreath - This red brick background with a white door makes for a fabulous look. That wreath just pops off the door!

Love the tree

Mom, the lady that pinned this has a board where she only pins churches and one for pinning barns. thought you might be interested. Little Chapel With Christmas Tree In Elmau, Bavaria, Germany.

Winter wonderland

Holiday horse When I was a little girl, I wished upon a star every night for a horse. Eventually, my wish for my own horse was granted; probably due to the fact that I wore my parents down. While not everyone is able to own a horse,