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One of my goals later in life is to have a lot of money. Life is not all about money. It sure does help to have a lot of it. I want to have a lot of money because it would probably make things easier for me.

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German conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann was named the winner of the eighth Biennal Hugo Boss Prize, a bi-annual award bestowed by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for significant achievement.

Het hoofdpersonage, Monisha, zit altijd krap bij kas doordat ze nog maar zeventien jaar is en nu al alleen woont. Geld is dus een rode draad in dit verhaal.

9 Ways to Make Extra Money Before the End of the Summer

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My First billion (High Resolution)

Money and Heavenly provision flow to me in avalanches of abundance every day, in every form. for He came to free me to experience a super abundant life and bless others! I Am Exceedingly Grateful‼

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