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The Burger Lab: An Even Better Way To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (This Time in Slices!)

Make cheese slices that melt like American but taste of real cheese. (Also: Did I write this? I mean, it even has a graph!

How to melt almost any cheese like an American. Steaming.

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

How to melt any cheese The Burger Lab- J.

A Sandwich a Day: The Grilled Cheese Royale at The Curious Palate in Los Angeles

Three essential cheeses melted into a harmonious triad between two sturdy slices of grilled wheat bread. A Sandwich a Day: The Grilled Cheese Royale at The Curious Palate in Los Angeles.

Our Original Sausage is the secret ingredient in this recipe for everyone's summertime favorite.

Bob Evans Backyard Burger- never eaten there, but came across the recipe a couple years ago. Made it last night, husband said it was the best burger ever, and I'm pretty sure he took all of the leftovers to work today.

Green Chile Cheeseburger

Green Chile Cheeseburger

Makes my mouth water...looks delish!

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers - these were yummy. I'd add more maple syrup next time or mix maple and BBQ sauce together.

Burgers with Roasted Tomatoes, Pesto, and Mozzarella* Nothing special.

32 Delicious Things To Eat On Memorial Day. With recipes! Shown: Burgers with roasted tomatoes, pesto, and mozzarella

Grilled Thai Spice Chicken Sliders: We adore sliders….small burgers seasoned to perfection with all sorts of creative toppings. Fluffy buns tempt even more. The fact that you can pop a few for a satisfying meal or a single for an appetizer option. Dig in. Oh. Thai spices always make everything better!

Grilled Thai Spice Chicken Sliders

Grilled Thai Spice Chicken Sliders with Sriracha Mayo! 196 cal per slider. So good I doubled the recipe the next time I made it! Couldn't find the chili sauce so I subbed red curry paste & Sriracha. Added a fat pinch of ground ginger, too.

Rachel Ray's Bacon-Burger Melts

Bacon-Burger Melts What do you get when you cross a grilled cheese sandwich and a traditional burger with bacon? Our over-the-top Bacon-Burg.

Ever wonder what cheese is best for burgers? Emmentaler and Gruyere made the cut! http://www.lizthorpe.com/best-cheese-for-hamburgers/

Melty American-style Cheddar Cheese Slices For Burgers and Grilled Cheese. using any cheese for that melty effect!

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Burger City Guides: Michael Mina's Favorite Burgers in San Francisco

RED WINE BURGER: Angus beef burger in red wine source // caramelized onions //goat cheese

17 Hamburger Recipes To Try Before Summer Ends - Red Wine Burgers With Caramelized Onions And Goat Cheese

classic beef patty melts w/ gooey american cheese, toasted white sandwich bread, caramelized onions & thousand island dip

At long last, a recipe that bridges the vast gap between sandwich and burger! Patty melts are the sandwich-burger of our dreams. Our version of the classic patty melt features caramelized onions, whi

Crunchburger (aka the Signature Burger)  This is the "house" burger at Bobby's Burger Palace. It's a basic burger (I like it garnished with red onion, tomato, romaine lettuce, and horseradish mustard) with CRUNCH.  By: Bobby Flay  From: foodnetwork.com

Crunchburger (aka the Signature Burger)

Crunchburger (aka the Signature Burger) Recipe by Bobby Flay. I heart you Bobby Flay.