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I am this kind of girl. I can be a girly girl and a tom boy.

Kerecsen on

One time at my youth group some of the guys there where teasing me and telling me I couldn't play basketball. So I whipped my hair in a pony tail, put back on my high heels challenged all of the tallest one to a game and won.

and that's who I am

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#thatsmylittlefact     i seriously am, i can never stop eating. i must always have food!! @Niall Horan if you are looking for someone who eats a lot...I'm right here!! Just ask my friend @Savvy

My friends know this for a fact but I still stay skinny I. But I don't really care how skinny I am all I care about is food and family and friends :)

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i love dogs way more than cats. Medium - small dogs are best

my mom has told me so many times to find a new book other than Harry Potter. i do then she tells me the same thing for the new books because i'm repeating it with other books.