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once upon a time - Baby Regina. I really wanna see Regina as a little kid.

I was supposed to be there for you - Once upon a Time

I was supposed to be there for you - Once upon a Time (Pinocchio) August and Emma

Ouat Cast, Lana Parrilla

#ouatprinces Hook is a prince, no matter what other people say!

Captain Swan on

Some princes wear velvet cloaks and ride a white steed, other princes wear guyliner and sail a ship!

Ouat Cast, Lana Parrilla

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I'm so sad they had The Evil Queen actually goes through with killing Snow. I Felt as they always tried killing each other but never went through with it because deep down they cared about each other....I'll just try to forget her this small thing happen. Yet Emma witnessing it was what she need to realize where she belonged. - Once Upon a Time

I cryed so hard during this scene. Ya Emma and Neal were cute together but Hook shows how much he cares for Emma as he takes her in his arms at this hard time.

cue sobbing because Emma is no longer a lost girl. And Henry's just standing there like I'm so proud of you Mom that's right they are your parents

Every time Emma calls them Mom and Dad tears immediately spring to my eyes.

Sean, Christie and Raphael on set | 01/27/15

Sean, Christie and Raphael on set

Regina, 3x09 | i love this episode! #evilregal #OUAT

Wallpaper and background photos of Regina for fans of Once Upon A Time images.