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Kalis by Artkalia. LED light, engraved stainless steel body. Think of it as an internal gobo. Cordless light can run 6 to 8 hrs fully charged. Can be used as seating; holds up to 240 lbs. 1.6W RGB LED bulb. Remote can control up to 100 lamps at the same time, from a distance of up to 65 feet. RFID technology. Multiple light options (solid, flashing, dimmable, candle effects, fades) and millions of color combinations.
Make your own Mercury Glass -Spray water then spray with Krylon Looking glass.  Pretty!

How to Create "Faux" Mercury Glass with Krylon's Looking Glass Spray Paint

I’m getting ready for an amazing event that’s coming to the Nashville area next month, Bella Rustica Vintage Barn Marketplace. As a vendor, I’m working on lots of items that will stand out in a crowd, mostly from refurbished pieces. This week I used an old shoe caddy, and turned it into something special with …

Furniture Transfers for Chalk Paint

Chrissie's Collections: french painted buffet
Fabric measurements for chairs
Painting Tips and Tricks | Pottery Barn Hacks by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/diy-projects-pottery-barn-hacks
How to Mod Podge Wallpaper onto Furniture ` Foxes beauty by vivian
For those of you who are new to furniture painting.  Here's a step-by-step flow chart on how to paint a piece of furniture from start to finish.  It was posted originally on Mudpaint.com.

How to Paint Furniture - Flow Chart