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LÖYTÖ: Paavo Manhattanilla
Lovely ispiration from Muuto via my blog LÖYTÖ
Marimekko kids 2014 via my blog LÖYTÖ
these Himmeli made by LÖYTÖ are made with rolled paper tubes, so book pages, magazine pages, gift wrap paper, etc could be used. Great idea for kids in school.
Kampin kappeli, Helsinki Finland via my blog Löytö
Diana Park, Helsinki  A travel board about Helsinki Finland. Includes things to do in Helsinki, Helsinki nightlife, Helsinkik food, Helsinki tips and much more about what to do during holidays in Helsinki Finland. -- Have a look at http://www.travelerguides.net
Ikea news 2014 presented on my blog LÖYTÖ today!
Marimekkos raindrops via my blog LÖYTÖ
My blog LÖYTÖ 5-years!