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Adopt a child. I would love to adopt two if possible- a boy and a girl

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We love the look of fishtail braids! The braided hairstyles are timeless and can always make you look youthful and chic. The fishtail braid, also known as the

Bucket list  ♥

Spend a day holding up a free hugs sign in a big city, because who doesn't need a hug?>>>or just tape a sign on your back and walk around town or your school

bucket list: pull a fire alarm DONE (mind you, it was accidental, but it still happened) This one goes hand in hand with my goal to evacuate an entire building, which was the consequence of my trip into our dorm's fire alarm.

Bucket List - Have perfect teeth. I will get a brace and teeth whitened. I hate my teeth right now.

This would be the ultimate in romantic moments, but I may have to find a guy who loves the rain as much as me! lol

Me and my bestie ava slow danced in the rain the other day. We got bored and than went outside in the rain, ran around for a while than got bored. I said, "Slow dancing in the rain!" and we slow dance! we couldn't stop laughing.

Maybe someday

send a letter to a random address and see if they write back. Variation: Write Christmas letters to strangers in the neighborhood

Ride a horse on the beach

Go horse back riding on the beach. Yes, I watched Titanic last night. <<<<<< What does that have to do with riding a horse on the beach, mortal?

During holidays!

Zumba fundraiser event for disaster relief in Japan! Photos from the event are available here: on.me/ZumbaForJapan Zumba dance moves are a fantastic sort of workout that integrates