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Asparagus and Potato Skillet...another family favorite. I often replace the asparagus with broccoli and add some thinly sliced onions.

Asparagus and Potato Skillet

Sweet Potatoes for Fiber  Many people with type 2 diabetes love potatoes, but can't afford the starch. Sweet potatoes are a great alternative, McLaughlin says. They are high in fiber and vitamins A and C.

7 New Diabetes Superfoods You Should Try

Diabetic Pancake Recipes | Diabetic Living Online

Diabetic Pancake Recipes

Healthy Diabetic Recipe for Canadian Breakfast Sandwiches
The Importance of Breakfast for People with Diabetes

How to Build a Balanced Breakfast

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As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's great to have several delicious options to keep you going until lunch. Try some of these great low-carb options with recipes for Breakfast Casserole, Crepes, Breakfast Deviled Eggs, Eggs Benedict and more. For more diabetes-friendly recipes visit diabeticconnect.com #diabetesdiet #breakfastrecipes
Aurora’s Applesauce Muffins #SleepingBeauty #muffins #applesauce #recipe

Aurora’s Applesauce Muffins

Find more healthy and delicious diabetes-friendly recipes like Mexicali Breakfast Eggs on Diabetes Forecast®, the Healthy Living Magazine.