Title: Twist-Out Style at Harlem Book Fair Hair length: Short Hair color: Black Hairstyle: Twist-Out Gender: Female Location: Harlem, NY Event: Harlem Book Fair Year: 2008

Natural hair - Black Woman!!  A Proper Fro !!

2014 Natural Hairstyles For African American Women. Now that natural hair has taken over the beauty world, more and more women have fallen in love with their natural god given textures.

Maybe next weeks protective style?  I dont know if my hair is long enough though.

ilovemaicurls: Back to my go-to quick protective style. Flat twists in the front, roll-n-tuck in the back.

Touching a Black Girl’s Hair: Do or Don’t?

Pet yourself, not my hair (no touching). When I was a child, people in line behind me would touch my hair. I found it so irritating!


There are many ways to wear your hair, but no style may be more alluring than an updo. Take the hair off your face and neck and swish it into a fancy twist or braid or curl, and see how many compliments you receive about …