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Hahahaa... #SQN

Hahahaa... #SQN

27 Things Everyone Hates With A Passion But Would Never Admit

27 Things Everyone Hates With A Passion But Would Never Admit--yes to all but cus come ooon cookies with raisins are damn delicious

Child Fears Vs. Adult Fears

Child Fears Vs. Adult Fears

Funny pictures about Child Fears Vs. Oh, and cool pics about Child Fears Vs. Also, Child Fears Vs.

One time I was playing this and I legitimately spawned in front of my highschool. No fucking joke.

Did you see this?

The Mapcrunch Game, the game that drops you off in a random location and you have to find your way home.

Dysautomnia...immune system has lost ability to react appropriately and either over- or under-reacts.

Now this seems to be the reason why I'm allergic to that much. Thank you, Immune system-kun

4-Panel Life :: AIR HOCKEY | Tapastic - image 1

I love air hockey . (*cough* My air hockey games get dangerous.

Owlturd Comics Okay but seriously, how the heck do I keep turning my alarm off without waking up!!! I get so mad about this problem with me! T^T and the worst part is that idk how to solve this problem!

Owlturd Comics

Owl Turd Comix by college senior Shenanigansen are funny and absurd. The Massachusetts-based artist began to post comics in his sophomore year, and picked the

Like food?

If you're using the internet, and haven't seen Owlturd Comix yet - you are missing out on some of the best comics ever created.

Check out the comic "4-Panel Life :: HEY LISTEN" http://tapastic.com/episode/73076

This would be me guys guys all this bad stuff happened today and I'm stressed and mad, ugh life has cursed me!


[exorcism humor that is relevant in a couple of unsavoury ways. I noted how he said 'you're doing some of your best work these days' despite the fact that he's not getting credit hmmm]