Tutustu kiinnostaviin ideoihin!

Pay attention to your energy Pay attention to whom your energy increases and decreases around, because that's the universe giving you a hint of who you should embrace or stray from. — Unknown Author
the only way to continue floating on...
I'm not an expert, just another sinner. I'm pretty sure you can't fuck your way to Enlightenment. Especially with a married man. When you your self are married.
When You Really Pay Attention Everything is Your Teacher via @lifeadvancer | http://ift.tt/1OwBiCk
We make time for what we love. Pay attention. People will show you...your worth to them.
25 Bible verses for the discouraged wife - Keep your eyes on the Lord, not on your troubles. Here are 25 Bible verses to encourage you.
I understand now that I'm not a mess - http://themindsjournal.com/i-understand-now-that-im-not-a-mess/

I understand now that I'm not a mess