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Love this!!  I think this made me laugh for for five minutes straight.  I do it whenever the chance arises.


This is so me! Told my husband I had to run out to Target so I was leaving him with the kids, should take no more then 20 mins. He fell for it. I'm going to walk every sq ft of that store with a caramel macchiatto & my coupons!

Man I can relate to this! except it isnt always "what do u want 2". it's every question i ask.

Does anybody have a recipe for I don't know? or I don't care? It's what my family requested for supper and I can't seem to find any recipes. Too true

YES! That is so accurate!!  Works with grandkids too!!

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So me

I suffer from ADCD: Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder. It's where you start to clean one thing, but get distracted by another thing that needs cleaning. That causes you to bounce from one job to another only to end up doing a lot of work with nothing to

TRUE LOVE... is picking a gigantic booger that isn't even yours.

Totally made me think of Kenzi "Mommy has a boogie in her nose. David has a boogie in his nose.

Maybe not right away. I mean, this does qualify as one of the only two acceptable reasons to run.

True Story, bro.

If I ever had to run for my life, I would probably die. HAHAH My husband told me this yesterday. He yelled RUN SAVE YOURSELF and i looked back to see what we were running from first! He said running is your death trap uummm yup

Funny Family Ecard: My parents used to tell me they hoped one day I'd have a daughter just like me. Well played, Mom and Dad, well played.

You're an 18 year oldwith a baby, you areNOT a "stay athome mom",you're a teenmom who liveswith her mom.

Hold tight to your memories

"Remember the day you brought me home and you were filled with joy? Go to that place because I just drew all over the walls and shaved the dog. Always remember the joy-filled days!

Stay at home mom syndrome :)

Funny Baby Ecard: I love you so much my darling, but the second your father comes home I'm gonna bust out of here like I'm escaping Alcatraz. Don't we all have days like this.

someecards.com - Shower Schizophrenia: The constant belief that you hear a child crying while you're trying to take a shower.

Shower Schizophrenia is a constant belief that you hear a child crying while your trying to tale a shower. - -Laughing Through Motherhood - mom quotes - funny mom quotes - meadoria

Really? Now your the saint? Call me a whore? You're a crazy loser! Move along dumb ass!

This is so true! Silence does not bring on relaxation anymore. Silence brings anxiety and the thought, "brace yourself!