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Draw n draw n  Drawwwswwwwz

How to draw a betta fish! ((I saw this as a pun as well as a statement of fact- it's technically "beta", but it could be a play on "better", too. -Olivia J))

Why you should never bully others

Why you should never bully others

Husky puppies are so cute! Huskies growing up with Spaniel -- TOO CUTE siberian husky

i think we can all agree with this kitten

I need dis so bad


Funny pictures about Happiness and cats. Oh, and cool pics about Happiness and cats. Also, Happiness and cats photos.

Living with #Togar the #lion ... www.justdwl.net

In actress Tippi Hedren ("The Birds"), established the Shambala Preserve in California’s Mojave Desert, a wildlife sanctuary for lions and tigers. This lions name is Togar. He was brought to the sanctuary but had never been around any other lions.

Oh how this makes me giggle :)

OMG, fluffy doggie with a mustache and a top hat and a freaking MONOCLE. Leigh I found your new dog!

Severe cuteness , but do not be fooled, this is just a little stuffed polar bear ! : ) ___ Dogs Lover?? Visit our website now! :-)

Severe cuteness , but do not be fooled, this is just a little stuffed polar bear ! : ) it almost looked as if it was a little white terrier.

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!! ...........click here to find out more http://googydog.com

51 Corgi GIFs That Will Change Your Life

Look At My Fluffy Butt cute animals dogs adorable dog puppy animal pets funny animals funny pets funny dogs funny dog images


A very compassionate man and a loving beautiful fox. Cropper was nursed back to health by this man's patience, love and determination. Not strong enough to return to the wild, Cropper spends very happy days with his human friend.

This will be Hannah's Halloween costume this year!

WITH HOOK & NEEDLE ~ cats ~ hooking ~ stitching ~ quilting ~ dementia/elderly parent care