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Clusters of sparkling minerals make a beautiful set of magnets to scatter throughout the home. Each set includes 8 magnets; one each of: amethyst, pyrite, quartz, geode, and four colors of agate slices.

Mineral Magnet Set | LEIF ($36.00) - Svpply

Like your own little history museum - we keep ours on a metal cabinet. Each set includes 8 unique magnets, containing assorted minerals such as petrified wood,


February or second month birthstone is amethyst gemstone. Know more about amethyst gemstone with it's history, myths, lore.

Pāua abalone are also valued for their pearls, known as Blue Eyris Pearls, which can be shades of blue, green, and everything in between http://www.thefeaturedcreature.com/2013/05/paua-abalone-the-spectacular-mollusc-reveared-by-the-maori-of-new-zealand.html

Blue Eyris Pearls - Pearls from the sea creatures known as abalone are incredibly rare. They cannot be cultured like the pearls from mussels and oysters; abalone are all hemophiliacs. They bleed to death when injected with a nucleus. in nature

ANTHROPOLOGIE : Petrified Wood Magnets

To know more about ANTHROPOLOGIE Petrified Wood Magnets, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over other ANTHROPOLOGIE items too!

Gilded-Edge Agate Coasters - anthropologie.com

Gilded-Edge Agate Coasters

Anthropologie Gilded-Edge Agate Coasters - not the colour I'd go for, but I love the idea.

crystal, purple, and book image

crystal, purple, and book image

beauty in the skin

"Ethiopian opal geode sometimes you feel like a rock: hard, angry, damaged. But sometimes there is an opal inside you: this otherworldly beauty, the potential to be soft and loving and kind" really beautiful opal, my birthstone

Rose Quartz is a familiar, but very sweet and healing energetic stone.  Perfect for a gift to a loved one or friend in need of heart opening or to ease heartache.

Rose Quartz is a familiar, very sweet and healing energetic stone. Perfect as a gift to a loved one or friend in need of heart opening or to ease heartache. Lucky to always receive it as a gift from someone at an early age.

Gemstone Magnet Set - Amethyst, Agate & more | LEIF

Gemstone Magnet Set - I adore little gemstones. This set is for sale and would add a nice sparkle to things. (Someone like me who already has some pretty gemstones could easily DIY.

Emotional Balance

EMOTIONAL BALANCE - Crystals for Emotional Balance — Work with Malachite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, or Rhodochrosite to help re-balance your emotions. Wear or hold your preferred crystal as needed. — Related Chakras: Heart and Solar Plexus