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A CUP OF JO: The Best Fries You'll Ever Have -- the secret is, just make Trader Joe's fries and serve with mayo seasoned with a bit of red wine vinegar. So easy and super good.

The best fries you'll ever have (belgian-style). Belgian-style mayonnaise, just mix regular mayo with a splash of red-wine vinegar, and stir together until you have the tangy taste you like best.

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some of my favorite colors

Making Hoddeok (호떡) / Korean Sugar Pancakes ***This post goes out to Beatnotthepoordesk who made a foodwish for Hoddeok and to Aina Apron who wants to see a post for it. Hoddeok, or.

radishes, salt and butter

Radishes, salt and butter en dat dan op een geroosterd boterhammetje.

yummy healthy food - stored-snapshots: (by knock-kneed and upright)