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I Don't Always, Alabama Football

jimmy buffet fins up

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I guess my school teachers when I was growing up were right!

I don't always give a shit but when i do...nah, i still don't give a shit. | I Dont Always

I don't always throw a pass at the goal line instead of running it in with 2 downs left, but when I do. I LOSE THE SUPERBOWL - Dos Equis Guy gives advice

Newsies - Most Interesting Man Meme (12.28.14 KLS)

Totally this this weekend*I'm 50 something.the only men who show interest are either:married, trapped in a fantasy, totally incompatable personalities, or 70 years old." Face Palm and face palm again.

I changed all my passwords to ''incorrect''.So whenever i Forget,it will tell me ''Your password is incorrect''