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ohhhhhhhhh myyy

no i didn't eat all the cookies out of the cookie jar. the cookie jar ate me!

Hahah what a puppy!!!

Bulid-A-Bear WorkShop? Yas I think so lol this puppy all dressed up like a build a bear furry friend too cute

ready for bed

Puppy wearing his PJS and ducky slippers. I'm not all for dogs wearing clothes. but this is too cute not to pin!

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Lentil, the bulldog puppy with a cleft palette. The 40 Most Adorable Baby Animal Photographs Of 2013

Too cute!

I thought this is appropriate for shoes. Dogs do love shoes. So cute and innocent.

looks just like Ginger :) I miss my doggy...

Considering I was cleaning up dog puke all night last night, I really wish this picture was true. And it's a Corgi.so, basically it's the most adorable thing ever(next to Marshall and Lilly).