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So sweet, one of my favorite quotes about puppy dogs. "He might be only part of your life, for him, you are his everything, the only person in his whole life." i love my dog

I rescued a golden retriever this past summer who was just hanging out in the wilds of Atlanta.

The wonderful story of Bran. Made me tear up! Such a handsome dog and a beautiful story that makes me happy that there are good people in this world.


Puppy that will only stay calm in the car if you hold his paw. my heart is melting

please come back....hurry...this is why I can't get a dog :-(  But I'm outnumbered in my house so I'm sure it's coming in the near future!

Love this face! Precious, he wants me to come play with him, right? How does a human with feelings not love a face like that?

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Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

This Golden Retriever Puppy Realizes He can't Fit in His Old Place Anymore

Beautiful photo of golden retriever.  Love when they give this look.

dogs - Beautiful photo of golden retriever. Now I really want a Golden Retriever of my own.

SMILIN' while Dreamin'

Golden Retriever - Noble Loyal Companions

Ray Charles: The Blind Golden Retriever Puppy. SO SWEET! beautiful pup and a beautiful heart his dad has

La vita coi cani...

La vita coi cani...

5 cutest smiling puppy faces you have ever seen. This is an usual funny smile… - My Doggy Is Delightful