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"So much depends on our attitude. The way we choose to see things and respond to others makes all the difference", President Thomas S. Monson inspirational quotes from Mormon leaders

When I'm being abnormally quiet, I am either about to blow up, need a hug, falling apart, crying inside, or all of the above.

falling apart inside when I am quiet. Unfortunately, this is me at work almost all the time now!

A) The Maya civilization collapsed around AD 900 and were not "wiped out" by the Spanish. Descendants are still very much alive.  B) That picture is a picture of the Aztec Sun Stone, which is not a calendar  C)The Maya never said the world will end--it's simply the beginning of a new 13 baktun cycle.   Just thought I'd clarify for my Pinterest friends...

WTF Appreciation Gallery

"Maybe if the spanish hadn't wiped them all out, the mayans would have completed their fucking calendar. Doomsday stfu and get back to work.ot my words but sooooo funny!

Cannot be un-seen lol

I didn't before, but now I can't see anything else, damn it! Some things you just can't unsee!

How physicists finally showed us time can move backwards.

How quantum physicists accidentally solved the most iconic Yahoo! Answers post of all time

If you unbake a cake long enough, the flour may turn into wheat and the eggs turn into a chicken. Oh boy, you're a winner.

Terrible because 11 year old broken hearts did hurt so bad but how terrible was it really?!

For real, 11 year olds with "it's complicated" as their relationship status?

LOVE this poster series from the Smithsonian

Funny pictures about Teddy Roosevelt was a badass. Oh, and cool pics about Teddy Roosevelt was a badass. Also, Teddy Roosevelt was a badass photos.



I'm not a teenager, but I still want to be Iron Man.

Mexican and black jokes meme - I'm half Mexican and this sh!t is funny!!

The very best of the Bad Joke Eel meme includes this crazy moray eel's worst jokes about anything and everything. This is one eel who really knows how to tell a cra.

The Eyes Have It.. Always!:-D

The Eyes Have It