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Yeah! Dinosaurs still kickin it!

It's a nope fish, in it's natural habitat, the NeverEverGoingThere river, in the middle of southwest NOPIDTY NOPE NOPE!

A two-headed shark fetus was caught off the Florida Keys. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a great white shark was recently caught off the coast of

Two-Headed Shark Fetus Caught Off The Florida Keys. I think we need to protect our shark populations but this would scare the pants off me.

4).The duties of my dream job have a wide variety. One of my duties would be to make sure that a disease outbreaks throughout the are, or to run test to determine if an area is a dead zone. Or to get the different types of characteristics of certain animals to determine if they're harmful or not. Fun fact sharks aren't as aggressive as people think there is a 1 in 3,748,067 chance if being attacked by a shark

Sharks only kill 5 people a year. But humans kill 4 million sharks. They have been an apex predator in our oceans a for millions of years and by us invading their habitat have fatalities occurred (Great White Shark by George Probst)

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Near fatal shark attacked avoided by seconds caught on cam and the guy didnt even know till afterwards looks like big top water bait

Yep, me in two years...

Two of the main concerns that scientists have regarding the Great White Shark Cage Diving industry is the use of baits to distract sharks from normal feedi.