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Great White Shark Breach At False Bay - Cape Town, South Africa.i will not be going to south africa.

Salmon Shark

Salmon Shark - Salmon sharks generally grow to between 200 and 260 cm in) in length and weigh up to 220 kg lb). [Males appear to reach a maximum size slightly smaller than females. Unconfirmed reports exist of salmon sharks reaching as much a

Geat White

Do I really think sharks are beautiful? Powerful, graceful and sleek, the Great White is the King and Queen of its domain. Its beauty lies in its strength.

White Shark Hunting by (Alfred Weissenegger). This is also a photo representation of me when I get 'hangry'.

This is awesome!  Amazing Shark

Christopher Hewitt Ink Shark chasing seagull picture on VisualizeUs

The tiger shark's reputation as an indiscriminate eater that will swallow anything it finds, including garbage, has earned it the nickname "wastebasket of the sea."

The Great Barrier Reef we stand to lose – in pictures

Photo by Twin tiger sharks ignore me as they swim past on their way to feed on a dead sperm whale floating on the near Cairns

Cal "Ripfin" - Great White Shark portrait

The Great White Shark, (Carcharodon carcharias) can be found in all waters surrounding Australia. Growing up to 6 meters long and weighing over 2 tons, it is the largest predator fish. It preys on sea mammals and birds


Rather chew than me: Nerveless diver captures stunning close up shots of gaping shark mouths with razor sharp teeth

Des requins bordés photographiés dans le lagon de Moorea en Polynésie française

Des requins bordés photographiés dans le lagon de Moorea en Polynésie française

Bordered sharks photographed in the Moorea lagoon in French Polynesia