Explore Red Accents, Cute Tops, and more!


Grey shirt with jeans and black flats plus the necklace and cluch for accessories. very cute outfit for school or hanging out. I especially love the pink color of the cluch.

Love the top, jeans, scarf, bag and glassies!!! No way am i getting in them there heels! But I love the color/texture of them.

I have to tell my "green and purple" story.back in I wore green pants and purple shirt. But a teacher looked at me from head to toe and said "Green and purple?

I love the sweatshirt & the shirt or scarf under it!

Luv the plum color with grey.either the scarf OR the sweatshirt (not both) would love the shoes in a solid grey color. (the bag is not for me)

cute and simple, not sure about the necklace, but pretty much everything else is cute

Switch the earrings and nix the pearls, and I'm all over this! Love the neutral horizontal stripes top with the pop of color in the cardigan


Love the zebra tank, not crazy about the yellow cardigan but I live in FL so cardigans aren't high on my shopping list.