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just hit that nail square on the head.. except for the late night thing, i like sleep

just hit that nail square on the head. except for the late night thing, i like sleep


A Pisces mind is rarely ever blank. Their vivid imaginations are constantly running .

Pisces...  the written script and upper illustration is from http://glittertomb.tumblr.com/zodiaque# the lower illustration is a wonderful artist illustrator found here.. http://www.wilson-zumbo.com/portfolio/williams/index.php?Category=Complete

"There's a big sad world out there and a big lovely world inside your head" and you must live where the two worlds collide.

Haha definitely the second one

♓️ wow I never realized this was a part of being a Pisces n not juss a part of me personally lol

Pisces...should have been you're though. Being a cusp baby I tend to have more Pisces traits than Aquarius.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are your Sunsign

A Pisces who wants to socialize and meet new people, will. And a Pisces who doesn't, won't. They can be either way and this depends a LOT on their mood. Understanding others is what they like to do. They're more knowledgeable that there's always an underlying reason why a person is the way that they are. But some people just completely turn Pisces off, mainly loud people and show-offs. They'll avoid these types in a social setting. Pisces can also be quite shy and easily intimated.

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Just some things on Pisces...And those other signs as well...but my f… #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad


Just some things on Pisces.And those other signs as well.but my focus is Pisces.

Pisces so true# charmiesbywendy #hestonrole, Two out of three ain't bad....Well. I can live without something I love but not without something I need

If you are really looking for a soul mate, Pisces women can deliver like no other sign in the Zodiac.