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Omg who else thinks this is bloody adorable!!!???:

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Fennec Fox - These are adorable looking creatures!

Fennec Fox - These are adorable looking creatures!

This Baby Marmoset Will Melt Your Heart

Pygmy Marmoset - One of the smallest monkey! Amazing Wallpapers - Pygmy Marmoset - One of the smallest monkey!

The Finger Monkey is one of the smallest primates, and the smallest true monkey, with its body length ranging from 14 to 16 cm (5.5 to 6.3 in). Adorable!

Finger Monkey wants to cuddle! When I was a little girl I really wanted a monkey. For some reason my parents never got me one.


Finger Monkey, it size is estimated as a finger. See here Finger Monkey funny & cute images-photos.

Funny finger monkey http://fingermonkey.net

Have You Ever Seen Such a Tiny Monkey? It's a Baby Pygmy Marmoset, and Just Too Cute!

I think a pygmy hedgehog would make a great little pet after seeing them at the London Pet Show!

The new pygmy hedgehogs you can keep like a pet hamster

We often associate cuteness with the childhood. The same is true for the human beings, as well as, animals. The childhood cuteness not only means cute face

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Kitten reaching out

Zombies and kittens! - Zombies and kittens! Does it get any better? Can there possibly be anything new to say about zombies? And yet they keep coming back. If you look at the Jungian idea.